Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Week 20-Transfer 2

Aloha familia!
This week has been another one full of miracles in me and all around me. On Wed we had our interviews with Pres. Dalton. That man really is quite inspired. We talked for a bit and he gave me some really good advice and then I asked if I could get a blessing and he gave me a really good blessing and then we talked some more and said a prayer and then he was like "is it all right if I lay my hands on your head and give you another blessing?" I said ok so then he gave me another blessing, blessing me with some things that I really needed to hear. I am so grateful for the priesthood!

On Fri, we got a new investigator! We found her name on the unbaptized list in the YSA14th ward and so we went to visit her. We found her roommate home and she told us a bit about her. Chandra is a Sophmore at BUYH and on the Soccer team with her best friend Lindsey. She goes to church and activities with all her friends but feels that she has no need of getting baptized and that she is good where she is at. She had been taught by the sisters before and invited to be baptized and said no. We had been asked by Pres. Dalton to visit all the people on the unbaptized list etc. and invite them to be baptized. So on Fri, Sis. Patlingrao and I fasted to prepare for our first lesson with her. The spirit was so strong in that first lesson. We talked to her a bit and she basically told us her script of what I'm sure she tells everyone about not wanting to be baptized. We asked if we could say a prayer with her and then afterwards asked what she felt. She said she felt good and was glad we came but... she still didn't want to be baptized. We did set up a return appt. with her and the next time we taught her, we got her to really think about the importance of this gospel for her. She knows that if it's true than she needs to get baptized and go further but she just needs to get an answer if this is right for her life. We are just praying she will keep her commitments! She is such a sweet girl!

As far as Franchesca goes, she has a baptism date! March 9th. Only problem is that she knows that she needs to follow Jesus Christ and she says she knows that the BOM comes from God but she doesn't think she has to read it!!!! We had a long talk about this last night and she promised she would read what we left her to read. It's amazing to me though to see the changes she is making as she understands more and more about the gospel. We are just doing all we can to make sure her testimony is super strong so that when she goes back to Peru on the 11th she will still be strong. She did seem relieved when I told her that I would make sure her bishop and the missionaries in her area will know she is coming.

Here's something interesting, yesterday I got some very interesting news. Sis. Ogawa (a japanees speaking missionary) came to me and told me about a referral that she had for me. "In Spanish?" I said reluctantly? "Of course!" she replied. She then went on to tell me about this man who she was teaching online who was super interested and wanted to learn more about the gospel but did not have any way missionaries could teach him because 1: he lives in Japan and speaks very little Japanese, 2: he doesn't speak any English, and 3: his native language is Spanish. WHAT?! Only here in the Hawaii visitor center right now would I be asked to teach a man in Japan who speaks only Spanish! Sis Ogawa said that she could take the calls with me cause he speaks a little Japanese. Let me tell you, these are going to be the most interesting conversations ever, Japanese/Spanish. I love this gospel:)

I have really felt the Lord helping me out in this work. I feel that right now my Spanish is terrible but I'm not so worried about it anymore. Somehow the Lord is going to help me out. There are people he needs me to teach right now so I just have to do my best to practice the language and teach them with the spirit. Those Spanish people in Japan need me!:) I love you so much and pray for you always! That's funny that Grandfather sent you that talk by Elder Bednar. That's actually the talk I had just read in my personal study so that's why I shared that with you. I'm so glad you got to read the whole thing. It's so good! I love you all so much! You are seriously the best family in the whole wide world!

Les Amo!
Hermana Rowley (Shayla)

This one is Franchesca

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