Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Week 56-Transfer 8

What a week! It has been pretty fun and exciting with Halloween and getting Alex ready for her baptism and everything. She is soooo excited! She says she feels like it is her sweet 16:) The best part was when she bore her testimony in church on Sunday! As the meeting started we were joking around with her saying that she should go up and share her testimony and she was like, "no way! I'm not ready for that yet!" When it was time for people to start going up, Sister Cavalcante lead the way. Alex was freaking out and she leaned over and said, "can anyone go up there?" "Yes!" I replied. "Will you go up if I do?" She asked. "Of course!" I said. The next time there was a pause
she reached over and said, "No, stay sitting!!!" Haha:) She kept squirming in her seat like she was still deciding so finally I got up to go bear mine. "Whoa!" She said, "do you want me to go with you!?"
"If you want." I replied. I was so happy to see her and Alana (her fellow shipper) get up while I was speaking and make their way to the stand. After I was done, she then proceeded to give the best testimony ever! She said, "Hi, I'm Alex, and I'm not a member yet so I don't
really know how to do this but I'm getting baptized on Saturday." She then told how she had been wanting to get baptized for the past 3 years but her family had told her they would disown her if she were to
be baptized, but since she has been meeting with the missionaries for the past few weeks she has decided that she knows its true and so she wants to be baptized anyways. She said how she had been told that she would be getting a ton of opposition for these few weeks before her baptism and she has seen that, especially with one of her classmates getting almost killed at the basketball game the day before, but that
just confirmed for her that God really does have a plan for us and that she knows even more that it is true from it. She has been such a neat example for all around her! She still gets so much opposition from her family and her preacher (who texts her all the time trying to dissuade her) but she still is so excited to go forward! She showed us the post she put on Facebook saying how she is going to be baptized and it will be so fun and the spirit will be so strong and so forth and so many people have commented and liked her post. I'm thinking we may have to use the chapel for this one:). One thing that I thought was really cool was that when we taught her the law of Chastity, she was like, "whoa, you don't even need to teach me this lesson! I'm going to keep this till the day I die! That's just gross! Can I get more of these pamphlets? I wanna give them out to people at school!" That is just the kind of person she is. She is going to do so much good! Even more than she already has:).

Well for Halloween I wore the same exact costume that I did last year:) Except this year I got to dress up in a mumu for half the day and be a Brazilian Sister Cavalcante:) That night we were not allowed to be out proselyting after 5 so our zone got together and played a ton of games. We were even allowed to stay out till 9:30 instead of 9! Missionary late night! It was so fun. We carved pineapples and played hard all night. We still got to bed on time but for some reason we
were all soooo exhausted the next day! Missionary parties are pretty intense for us...

Yesterday and today are our interviews with President Warner so it has been pretty interesting. Especially since the strangest thing happened to me Monday morning. Sunday night I was feeling just fine and things were going great, but then on Monday morning I was feeling slightly ill. I went to our Visitor Center Training Meeting, but while there for some reason things escalated. I felt so achy and sick! I don't
remember ever getting so sick so fast! I had shift that morning but when sister Adamson saw me she told me I needed to go home. She took my temperature and I had a fever. I guess that's why I was shivering like crazy. I wanted to stay for my interview so Elder Adamson gave me a blessing which calmed my shivers and I took some medicine. I was able to stay for the interview but after that I went home and slept all day and night waking up only to take some more medicine. I really do hate being sick away from home. I think I even called out for you a couple times mom. I am still feeling pretty sick but a little better than yesterday. I am just so grateful for the priesthood! It really was a miracle how my body calmed down after that blessing and I was able to have my interview. It was also a blessing of comfort saying how Heavenly Father was pleased with how I was serving and how I needed to be wise and rest for these next few days. As long as I get
better enough to get everything ready in time for Alex's baptism I'll be ok:) I am so grateful for the power of prayer and for a loving Heavenly Father who is watching over me.

I love this gospel so much! I love this work more and more! The gospel is true! It is real! Heavenly Father has such a plan for each of us that we can't even comprehend right now. Thank you so much for all the
pictures mom! Tyson and Alexa's costumes were so perfect:) Tyson looks like he could be Superman! A really tall superman! What's Chelsea trying to say by being the devil?...All the grand kids look so big! Is
that random little boy you keep sending me pictures of Alex?! It doesn't look anything like the other pictures I have of him! He is so cute and so big!  Be sure and let me know what happens with the
bishopric! Kylie actually came in Sunday and told me about Bishop Lyman and she also told me about her mission call to Australia! I am so happy for her and it was so good to talk to her for a while. Well I love you all so much and pray for you always! The Church is true!

Les Quiero,
Hermana Rowley (Shayla)

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