Monday, December 9, 2013

Week 59-Transfer 9



Well Familia,
Another week gone by:) I love my new companion Sister Kim sooo much! She is probably the sweetest, most humble person ever! And she is sooo funny! She says it is easy for her to talk to people about anything because she knows she is just learning English so if she says something wrong they will be more forgiving. She calls me "sister Lowlie." We were talking to Sister Cocco in the ward and she was talking about how her kids hate their last name because people always say things like, "cocco puffs:)" and I told her how people always say "Rollie Pollie Ollie" to us and sister Kim said, "or Lollie pop! haha!" haha! I don't think she even realizes what she said. I've helped her with other names in the ward but I don't want to correct her with mine cause I just think it's so cute:). She has already taught me so much and I feel like we have already seen so many miracles this transfer. It is really fun to be in an area for more than 2 transfers. It's so nice to just get to work and not have to get to know a whole area from the beginning again. It is also so fun to be in an all Asian pad! Sister Takatsu and Ogawa from Japan and Sister Kim from Korea. Me and the Asians:) They are all so sweet too. I sure lucked out this transfer! 

Nina is doing really good. She is excited about her baptism but is nervous to tell anyone about it. She has an interview on the 4th so hopefully she will be more confident after that. She continues to grow her faith though and we have had such great experiences as we teach her. On Wednesday, transfer day right after Sister Kim got back from transfer meeting, we had an appt. with her so Sister Kim and I planned something really quick and prayed that Heavenly Father would be there with us to help us. We decided to have kind of a testimony meeting with her. We told her to write down her testimony for a few min. and then after she could share it if she wanted. She wrote it down and then decided to read it to us. She told us that some of what she wrote just came out of nowhere and she just felt prompted to write them. She then shared the sweetest testimony with us! The spirit was definitely there. We asked if she would feel comfortable sharing it in fast and testimony meeting next time and she said she was just super nervous to go up in front of everybody. We talked about how sharing your testimony really helps strengthen it, as well as those who listen. We then shared with her our testimonies and after she was like, "Wow, I see how sharing your testimonies really brings everyone together and strengthens each other and really brings the spirit!" We then asked her if she would share her testimony next fast and testimony meeting and she was like, "I want to, but I'll pray about it:)" Keep praying so hard for her!

Alex told us last night that she is also planning on bearing her testimony this next Sunday. She said she may have to have Alana go up with her again though:). She is doing so good and sharing the gospel with everyone she can. She wants to be a missionary so bad! There is this one kid, Kalani, who the other sisters were teaching for a while but now the area is changed again so it is just Sister Kim and I over 5th ward, so we are now teaching him. He has had baptism dates set before and they have fallen through. He is a foster child of a really great family in our ward and it is a miracle that he has stayed with them for this long and not run away. Apparently, he notices something different in that house. He wants to be baptized I think but something is really holding him back. Alex is just what he needs. She knows him and his situation and said she has even beat him up when he was younger for doing something stupid but now she just wants him "dunked" so bad!:) She is going to go to our lessons with him and she has been inviting him to the temple every Sunday since her baptism. He hasn't shown up yet but she says that she just goes and prays for him and that someday he will show up. She got so excited when we told her to come to lessons with him though. She was like, "I want to get that kid baptized sooo much! He wants it and needs it!" She is so awesome! 

This week has also been exciting because we have put up all the trees in the VC and the stakes have almost finished decorating them! I have been faithfully listening to as much Christmas music as I can and am so excited to be able to share "Christmas messages" with people here in the visitor center and then online. It's such an easy way of softening hearts I think! Also, beginning yesterday, there is a musical fireside at the VC every Sunday night until New Years! Last night was the BUYH Concert Choir. It was so good to see Bro. and Sis. Belnap again and also a few old friends. It's quite a sight to have a big choir like that sing powerful songs about the Savior while standing right under the Christus Statue! This is definitely going to be a wonderful, miracle-filled holiday season! 

I love you all so much! Thank you for your prayers and love and support. I continue to pray for you always! I hope you have a fantastic Thanksgiving day! The VC will be closed that day so we will be going from member to member stuffing ourselves the good old American, Hawaiian way:) This gospel is real and true and I am so grateful for this time that I have to immerse myself in it! Thank you for all of your examples to me and for everything! I love you all so much and pray for you always!

Les Quiero,
Hermana Rowley

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