Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Week 66-Transfer 10


Aloha Familia! 
Well this week has certainly been another week full of miracles! It started off great when we had tram on Tues and we got 7 people who wanted to learn more and stay in contact and 11 people who filled out the cards so we can contact them again and see if they would like to learn more! That's 7 new investigators in one tram shift! The really neat part though was that more than half of those were Korean! Koreans, as much as I love them, are usually only interested in picture taking rather than hearing about the gospel of Jesus Christ, but for some reason this week, there were so many of them who were so prepared to hear the gospel! Since we started out so well we decided to go for our goal of 15 new investigators in a week. That's the big number to hit here:) We saw so many miracles each day and met so many people who were prepared to hear the gospel and ended up with 18 new investigators by the end of the week! The Lord definitely blesses us as we prepare ourselves! 

Not only were there so many prepared people, but very international as well. One of the tours I took was with 3 girls who were going to school together in California. One was from Germany, one was from Italy, and the other from Chile. It was really interesting to see their different reactions to what they were hearing. They all responded much like people from their cultures usually respond. At the end we shared with them about forever families and asked how they would feel to know that they can be together with their families forever. The girl from Italy said that it's a nice thought but she doesn't believe that anything could last forever and that no one can really know for sure. We then testified that we did know that families could be forever. We know that we have a loving Heavenly Father and that He has a plan for us. We shared with them about the Book of Mormon and how they could read and pray about it and find out for themselves the truth of our words. The Spirit was strong and we ended up giving each of them a copy of the Book of Mormon in their separate languages. The girl from Chile wanted to fill out the card and keep in contact, but her friends said they wanted to read the book first and so she stopped as well. I just pray that they actually do find out for themselves! We told them to go to mormon.org if they have any questions. I'm so grateful for the way technology helps in sharing the gospel! 

A few of the tours I happened to take this week were Chinese. Didn't you know I now speak Chinese:P. JK:) One tour though was a man from Taiwan. He was looking at the Book of Mormons and I asked him what language he spoke. He just looked at me and laughed so I figured he hadn't understood so I asked him again using charades. He told me "traditional Chinese" so I found the book and showed it to him. He looked through it with his wife and kind of laughed and said "mormon" and then he kissed the book and set it back down! Surprised, I asked him if he wanted a copy for himself, for free. He said, "yes!" and kind of laughed. I wasn't sure if he understood me but I ran back and grabbed a copy and some pamphlets anyways. I gave them to him along with the guest card. He said thank you and than began looking for something to write with. I found him a pencil and he began filling out the cards right away! One for him and one for his wife. He wanted to meet with missionaries! I'm so grateful for the spirit of the Visitor Center! 

Our area is doing so great as well! There was just a large meeting for all the ward council members in the area with President Warner and an area of the 70 I think. Anyways, our ward is now more excited than ever to do missionary work! I love being in an area for this long and am really getting to know the ward more and more. 

I love doing missionary work so much! There are so many more miracles in the visitor center as well as in our area, I wish I could share them all! I want you to know that I pray about you every day and one of my greatest motivations to work hard, especially when it gets difficult, is knowing that I'm sending you blessings! I love you all so much and pray for you always! 

Les Quiero mucho!
Hermana Rowley

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