Friday, February 28, 2014

Week 70-Transfer 10


Aloooooha familia!!!! 
So that time has come again...the news of transfers...This is the time that I got to find out who my last companion will be and my last area. And the verdict is...Sister Yoo in the YSA wards! Sister Yoo just happens to be another Korean too:) I'm super excited. I am going to miss the Laie 5th ward since I was there for 6 months, but I love working with the YSA students! And we already have 2 with a baptism date coming up! Sister Yoo is such a hard worker and such a great missionary so I know I will end my mission strong:) And another perk is that I get to be padmates with Sister Takatsu and Mark again! Both who have the same release date as me! I am so excited for this next transfer! Also, Sister Kim found out that she is going to be training a new full on American sister, which she is nervous about, but she will be so great! 

This Tuesday, we got to go to the Temple! I LOVE going so much! I wish that we could go more than once every other month, but I know we are lucky to be able to go as much as we do. I feel like my week is that much better when I get to go attend the temple. Just like you said mom, it really puts things more into perspective.

Something really neat happened the other day. So we went into the distribution center across from the Visitor Center for something and as we walked out, we saw these two guys sitting on the floor using the outlets on either side of the doors to charge their phones. Well we thought nothing of it really because it was something a student or local would do, so we just said "aloha" and kept walking. Well about 5 or 10 steps away I got that now familiar feeling, "I need to talk to them." I hate getting that feeling when I'm so far away but that's usually when it comes. I of course have to think about it for a second but finally I said, "Should we go talk to them?" Sister Kim of course smiled and said, "Sure!" So we retraced our steps and attempted to begin a conversation with them. "Oh," the older one replied with a laugh, "he won't understand unless you know Spanish." What are the odds...I happen to know a little bit of Spanish! I can't tell you everything that was said in that conversation, mainly because I couldn't understand very much due to the echoes in the courtyard and the soft and fast manner in which they talked in Spanish, and I'm not sure they even understood everything I was trying to say. But I do know that I needed to talk to them for one reason or another, and I know that Heavenly Father truly does know and love EACH and every one of us! It is amazing to work in the Visitor's Center and see little miracles like that where a certain guest will arrive at a certain time and talk to a certain sister that is able to share a certain experience that touches them the most. Heavenly Father really is in the details of this work! How fun to be a part of that! 

Another neat experience I had was on tram day. One of our trams around 5:40 or so, we had only a family of 3 join us (most are at dinner at that time). There was a mom and her 10 year old daughter and then the grandma. The grandma had been to Salt Lake and so knew a little about the church. Sister Kim talked mostly to her. The mom knew a little bit simply because she had been looking into different religions and had a Book of Mormon (I love people like that!). Anyways, usually when we stop the tram at the VC, we let them take pictures and then show them into the VC. This time however, the grandma pointed over at the courtyard opposite and said, "What’s that?" So we decided to show them that. Now in the courtyard is a statue of Lehi blessing his son Joseph from the Book of Mormon, as well as miniatures of the friezes that are around the top of the actual temple. Does that make sense? Anyway, so there are 4 different sections: Old Testament, New Testament, Book of Mormon, and Latter days. I will include a picture we have of the Latter day one. Anyhow, so every section has people from that time and kind of tells the story. Well I had never used these in teaching, but I did discover at this moment how easy it makes to tell the story of the Restoration of the church! So I began at the Old Testament and talked about how all the prophets then testified of Jesus Christ, and then moved to the New Testament and talked about the life of Christ. It was neat because they could see the figurines of Christ performing the miracles and everything. I then moved to the Book of Mormon and talked about how it went right along with the bible in testifying of Jesus Christ. I then talked about the apostasy and restoration, leading strait into the Joseph Smith story and latter-days. The spirit was so strong and the mom even commented and said, "it feels so good here! There is a warm feeling inside that just expands. It's different, so good!" I was able to testify of the Spirit and of Heavenly Father's love for her and how the Book of Mormon can help her find answers. Her daughter said, "Mom, can we look at the book right when we get home!" "Yes!" she replied, "I'll get the other religious books out too, but the Book of Mormon will be number one!" She has been searching a lot in her life and I believe that she will finally be able to find her answer, because it is true!!!!!! I love this gospel so much! 

This week we had special training from the superintendent of communications in the church, meaning he is over Visitor Centers, Historical sites, and anything media related. It was so good and I learned so much! I really am so blessed to be a part of something so big! The church is just incredible in how it finds ways to help people feel the spirit and want to learn more! The gospel is certainly rolling forth! 

You should send a picture of Alexa without her braces! Congrats! That would be neat to be able to work at girl’s camp, but I would have to see with EFY as well. Go ahead and send me the letter though if you can! I love you so much and continue to pray for you always! This work is the Lords work and it will never be finished till the end!:) Love you so much!

Les Quiero!
Hermana Rowley

PS I did take that picture of the temple last week. You don't need to be a good photographer to catch an image like that! It was an amazing sunset! 

Here is a picture of the "latter-day" frieze on top of the temple. Miniatures are in the courtyard across from the Visitor center so people can see them up close. 

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