Friday, December 14, 2012

Week 9-MTC

Hola y Aloha Familia!
I am not sure where to even begin this letter! I think that this week has probably been the most humbling week of my life. So after my last letter, which seems forever ago, I had to say goodbye to my district. Fri. we all got to go to infield orientation which was fun. We just had a bunch of special classes about missionary work all day. Sunday was especially cool cause for the fireside we had BYU men's chorus come visit us and sing to us! Mon. and Tues. were kinda a blur since we spent those days saying our goodbyes. Its so hard to say goodbye to someone you have spent 9 weeks with that closely. I do get to see hermana Dunn every once in a while since she got reassigned to the referral center since her visa to Argentina was delayed. I'm not sure if I love that or not. It's weird to see her and not be with her 24/7. I started visitor training this wed. And that is where the real humbling happened. We all went to Temple square wed morn. and got to go through the tour as guests and then we had class the rest of the day. It's been real different for me. I never thought I would say this but I actually miss speaking Spanish all the time in class and everything, but I do. I also found out from one of the teachers here who just got back from my mission speaking Spanish and she informed me that I will be the only Spanish speaking missionary in the entire mission...I cant tell you how terrifying and yet humbling that is. On top of that, I have been learning the responsibilities of a visitor center missionary and it just humbles me even more. I do have some good news though, I have an investigator! A real life investigator! Her name is Iva Harris and she lives in Missouri and got on chat to ask for the number for our church building so she could meet with the missionaries! I talked to her for a while and found out that she is going through a really rough time and she kinda feels pulled in this direction. She didn't have a Book of Mormon so I mailed her one and then committed her to start reading it online. We talked about some other stuff and then I asked if I could call her another time. I called her that night and found out she had read the first chapter of the Book of Mormon and so we talked for a while about some of her concerns. I am going to call her again on Saturday! Well that's the really short version but it was so amazing to be able to share my testimony with her and help her to see that this gospel is for her and can help her in her struggles. This gospel is so wonderful! It really is for everyone!

So Just so you know, I will not be able to get anymore dearelders here cause we don't get them on Saturdays or Sundays and I will be leaving before they come on Mon. so if you want to write me send it to my email or my mission home in Hawaii! So I'm not sure about the time difference, but my flight leaves Salt Lake at 7:00AM and arrives in Los Angeles at 7:55AM I have a bit of a layover there so if I can I will use my calling card to call both of those times I'm at the airport. I am so excited to talk to you! And I think it's funny that you reminded me of your cell number. I don't think I will ever forget that:) Mom, I think your letter had about the same effect as that text  you sent out. I was kinda freaking out about Alexa! Thanks for the details:) Talk about traumatizing! I am sooo jealous of you all going to the Christmas concert! Alfie Boe??!!!! That is a CD you need to buy for me ok? I am not going to be there the same night as you. I saw Brady finally! He said that he will probably come by with Corrianne to drop off my stuff. Well I got to go. I love you so much and pray for you always!

Les Amo!!!!!!!
hermana Rowley (Shayla)

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