Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Week 11-Transfer 1


So this is going to be kinda short since I'm calling you tomorrow, but I just wanted to let you know that I made it here in Hawaii and am safe and sound! Merry Christmas Eve by the way! So far, Hawaii has been super amazing. I forgot how much I love it here! My pad is called the beach pad and is literally right on the beach! I'll have to send you the pictures I took after our run this morning. The first night I stayed at the mission president's home and it just so happens that there home is the same home that was built for the family from "The Other Side of Heaven!" When we got there, Sis Dalton was like, "you two get to sleep in the general authority room. There have been so many general authorities that have slept in there!" So that was pretty cool. I love Pres. and Sis. Dalton! 

So you know how I was super nervous because I was told that I was going to be the only Spanish speaker here? Well imagine how excited I was when I found out that my trainer was from Guatemala?!!!!! She only has one transfer left so I will be killing her off and then getting a new trainer, but my goal by the end of this transfer is to speak Spanish. It's really hard for Hermana Rodriguez because she is now so used to speaking English. Some words I ask her and she's like..."I don't know that one!" She is so fun though! I really got lucky:) We have been so blessed too! The first day that I got here she was like, "you are not going to use Spanish very much. The whole time i've been here i've only used Spanish once or twice." So then one of the first activities that we had was to go place a Book of Mormon somewhere around Honolulu and the AP gave us un libro de mormon and said, how much faith do you guys have? Hna Rodriguez started laughing and said, "lets see, but I have not seen one Spanish person in all of Honolulu!" Guess who the first person we talked to was?! A family visiting from Mexico! They actually took the English BOM cause the son said he understood english better but they were still Spanish speaking! So since then we seem to find someone who speaks Spanish like every day and what do you know, our investigator right now, Paulina (Pauli) is from Guatemala! 

So let me tell you about Pauli. She is probably the most amazing person that I have ever met! Growing up, she has had such a rough life. She used to party every night and do drugs and sell drugs and all sorts of stuff. So eventually she decided that she didn't want that kind of life, so on her own, before she even met us, she decided to stop having sex, stop doing drugs, stop smoking, drinking and partying. She said that she has been talking to God and that she feels that God has forgiven her of her past life. She says that "Something ugly was inside of her and now it's gone." So basically she is already living the word of wisdom and the law of chastity and She has repented. She came to Hawaii to surf and that used to be her entire life, but then she had an accident and so she decided that she wanted to make God her first priority. The more we talk with her the more amazed I get! She says things like "I just feel like I need to view my life from a more eternal perspective." and "I was Christmas shopping and then I just decided that I need clothes that cover up more because what you wear on the outside reflects what you are on the inside." This is all before we even taught her the first lesson! Does this girl amaze anyone else?! I think that all these changes in her life are scaring her though. We tried to commit her to a baptism date but she is just terrified. She feels like she changes her mind so often that she is afraid she will go back to her old ways. She says she prays about the church but she knows she is not praying with full intent because she is afraid of the answer I think. She is scared of becoming a Mormon. She will come around though. I don't think she fully understands how ready she is! She is so sweet and so amazing. Oh and did I mention that she is only 21 years old?! Pray for her cause this is not going to be easy for her. 

Well other than Pauli, we just have less actives to work with right now. Oh, I have some awesome news! On Saturday this couple came to the visitor center and they were from Mexico or something, anyways they were Spanish speaking, and Hermana Rodriguez started the tour and then had me explain the BOM and I ended up being able to give them a copy and then they self-referred themselves to have the missionaries come! So that was exciting for me:) And them of course:) I feel like I cannot even express the miracles I see each day. The Hawaii Honolulu Mission is the 6th highest baptizing mission in the world after the 5 Utah missions:) The people here are so amazing and the atmosphere is so beautiful. I really feel so blessed each day! 

Well I love you so much and can't wait to talk to you tomorrow! Merry Christmas! Feliz Navidad! Melekelikimaka! Les Amo!!!!!

Hermana Rowley (Shayla)
My companion at Temple Square

Elder Swapp!

At the Airport

Look at my room's first decorations!

Hermana Rodriguez

This one is of me and Satan! haha, Micheal Ballam came and did a musical fireside at the VC (He played Satan in the Temple Video:)

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