Thursday, August 8, 2013

Week 42-Transfer 6



Hey Family! 
What a crazy week this has been! First off, we have a baptism on Saturday! Marie is getting baptized! Let me tell you, the Book of Mormon has such power! She had been listening to us, understanding, and allowing us to keep coming back. She had even been coming to church. However, she hated reading because she says she is not good at it so we went over and put the audio on her computer so she could listen to it and follow along. The next day she also was able to get a priesthood blessing to help her cause she is struggling with a lot of things right now. After the blessing she finally set a date for baptism! We go visit her every day and help her understand what she is reading and see how her prayers and things are going. I have certainly strengthened my testimony of the power of prayer, reading, and church. We can tell when an investigator is not doing even one of those. We all need our spiritual CPR (Church, Prayer, Read)! 

We also had a really cool experience with another "eternal investigator". The problem with this one is that he loves church, knows it's true, knows how good it is for him and his family, wants to go to church and be baptized, but has soooo much opposition going for him! I don't think I've wanted anyone to receive the gospel blessings as much as I do him. He loves his family so much! Just hearing his little boy laughing behind him made him literally light up! That family needs to go through the temple so bad so they can be together forever! We went to his house on Saturday and had such a good lesson with him. The spirit was so strong it gave him "chicken skin" or goose bumps:) I don't even remember what we told him exactly except that the words were not ours. He prayed in front of us for the first time and we knew for sure he would come to church! We told him he just needed to put his trust in the Lord. We prayed and fasted so hard for him yesterday and...he didn't show up. ahhh! We know that the Lord is working on him though. The two times we were able to meet with him was a miracle cause he is practically never home. That guy is going to be baptized! 

We did get to teach Bailey the restoration this week. She is so sweet. She did admit that she only wants to learn because of her boyfriend, but that is totally ok:) She had read the Restoration Pamphlet that we had given her before the lesson and agreed to read and pray about the Book of Mormon. I am so grateful again for the power of that book!

There are a few more awesome investigators we are working with along with some less actives. Sister Gleason is seriously so fun and awesome! We have decided to set high goals and work hard and have fun:) She has such a quirky personality and we get to laugh, a lot:). One of the days this week, our dinner appt. fell through so we decided to go tract at the mission home:) They opened the door and we said, "hi we are representatives of Jesus Christ..." long story short, we got to eat with president and sister Warner:) They are both so sweet. I love learning all these quirky stories about President which I would put on here but knowing that Sis Warner knows how to find my blog I had better not;)

I am so grateful to be here on my mission! I do miss you all so much though! I know that everything is happening for a reason and that Heavenly Father has great things in store for us all. I loved going through the temple. I get to go every other month when I am in Laie so it is such a blessing. Please keep me posted about Alexa. It's exciting when I get more than one email from you when I check it:) I love you so much mom and you are such a great example to me! I love you so much!!! Esta bien si no puede pronunciar espanol:) Te quiero todavia:)

Les Quiero Mucho

Hermana Rowley (Shayla)

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