Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Week 54-Transfer 8

So this week has been pretty good. And the package and letter I
received yesterday just topped it all off:) Thank you so much and
Happy Anniversary mom and dad!!! That's so funny that you spent it at
Jims:) That was nice of the waitress to give you a piece of cake
haha:)  I love you both so much! You are the best parents in the whole
wide world! So I didn't really remember Gail Merrell but she seemed to
know our family and asked about Alexa so I figured I was supposed to:)
I did recognize her name though and she was super nice. I can't
believe it's almost Halloween already! We are counting down the days
though when we will get to put all the Christmas trees up in the VC
again. I have always loved the holidays! Especially on a mission, I
think people tend to be more Christlike and nice the closer Christmas

This week we continue to work a lot with Nina. She really is in such a
tough situation and needs a lot of prayers. Little by little she is
opening up to us more. It was really cool yesterday because we stopped
by just to kind of follow up on things and she told us that not only
had she read the chapters that we had given her in the Book of Mormon
about trusting that the Lord will prepare a way to keep His
commandments, but she also "randomly" picked a chapter in the Book of
Alma (Alma 39) that was VERY bold with her situation and had read
about that. Heavenly Father is definitely working with her. She gets
frustrated at times thinking that she can't handle everything, but she
still endures and reads the scriptures, goes to church, and prays.
It's because of that that she is able to handle everything she is
dealing with and she recognizes that. That's just another testimony to
me that even when you feel lost or burdened down or asked to do
something that seems impossible. NEVER let go of that faith and hope.
That is all we have. Hope that through the Atonement of Jesus Christ,
"all things will work together for our good" So we do the things we
know we can do, we keep reading the scriptures, praying, going to
church and putting ourselves in situations conductive to the spirit
and have hope that He will help provide a way. Have hope that our
Savior is all loving, all patient, and He will never let us sink.

Another miracle this week was a new investigator! Alex is 18, still in
High school, grew up around members, and agreed to be baptized.
However, even though she is 18 and legally can decide for herself, and
even though her grandma (Whom she lives with) says the choice is hers,
she doesn't want to get baptized until she moves to Utah for school
(UVU) because her cousin who lives with them as well is REALLY against
everything about the church and Alex doesn't want to deal with it. She
is such a sweet girl though and she loves meeting with us and learning
and talking. We have been teaching her at a really good
fellow-shipping family who she is really comfortable with so that is
great. She has a really fun personality and is super talkative and
outgoing too. She makes the lessons super fun and we really love being
able to teach her. I just pray that as we teach about baptism and she
feels the spirit more, she will have a greater desire to be baptized
sooner rather than later. I know it's all in the Lords timing though.

This week we also had a "mission tour" with Elder Schwitzer of the 70.
Everyone from all the Islands, minus the big Island came to Oahu to
hear him speak. It was so fun to see everyone! Including Sister
Gleason and Hoskins:) We had a big giant Zone conference! It was so
fun! First we had our training and President talked again about
sanctifying ourselves and obedience. I love how President Warner has
been focusing so much on sanctifying ourselves. Just like Elder
Holland said, that we need to go home with at least one convert,
ourselves. And also, we can only lift our investigators to where we
are ourselves. Elder Schwitzer then gave a great training on
repentance and true conversion is repentance. That is what we are
teaching our investigators to do because they cannot be truly
converted until they learn how to repent continuously. That's what
baptism by fire is, receiving that conformation from the Holy Ghost
that our sins are forgiven. That's where conversion takes place. It's
truly an act of love to help others repent. That's when we go from
being a teacher, to being a true friend. I am so grateful to be a part
of this work!

Well, I love you all so much! Thank you for your prayers and examples,
It means so much to me! You are da best! I love you and pray for you

Les Quiero,
Hermana Rowley

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