Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Week 52-Transfer 7

So this week was another week of transfers. For the first time in my mission I get to stay with my companion for more than one transfer! We get to stay together in the same area and same pad and everything:) I knew it would be like that since she isn't done with her training but there is always the possibility that things get switched around so i'm just glad they didn't:) We really are getting to know the area a lot better and we also just received a very promising referral from a ward member! That is a pretty exciting thing with the family wards here in Laie:) 

Our investigators are slowly progressing too which is a fantastic thing! Nina really opened up to us this last lesson! She has been taking lessons for 2 years so we could tell that she gave us all of the "right" answers and we knew the reason why she wasn't getting baptized but we weren't sure how to help her progress to that point. Then this last lesson we were able to ask some questions that really helped her open up a bit more and tell us how lost she feels and some of the doubts that she is having. She cried as she shared some of her feelings about everything we were teaching her and after we talked for a bit she told us that she felt a bit of hope now. We love her so much and can tell how much Heavenly Father loves her too! She has so much on her plate and yet she still allows the missionaries to come and keeps trying to do what we ask her. She is definitely progressing though. I love her so much! She needs lots of prayers right now. 

General Conference this week was amazing wasn't it! Yes mom, I did get up at 5 in the morning so we could be at the VC all dressed in sunday best by 5:45. It's all good though, Watching General Conference as a missionary really is something else! I can't fall asleep during it cause I just feel like everything that is said is so amazing! I was like on the edge of my seat the whole time! (Exclamation mark:) Something I noticed was how bold each of them were! I have heard so many stories now of something that one of them said being a direct, unmistakable answer to a prayer or concern. (a few of mine were definitely answered). It was also so interesting to hear how there were sooo many talks on member missionary work. The Lord hastening His work is definitely on the for-front of their minds! They also talked a lot about keeping the commandments and converting ourselves. It's so true that as the world falls farther and faster, the church and the individuals need to become stronger and stronger. I am so grateful for the lessons that I am learning here that are making me stronger. Goodness I still have so far to go but it's comforting to know that I now have a foundation strong enough to make it through some way or another. 

I know with all my heart that Heavenly Father loves me. I know that He will support me in my trials and afflictions. I can't remember if I heard it in this conference or in a talk I read, but someone mentioned how rebellion was different that weakness. That Heavenly Father always looks on weaknesses with mercy. That is a difficult concept to believe sometimes but I know that we truly do have an all merciful and all patient Heavenly Father, and how grateful I am for that! 

Well I'm sorry this is kind of short but I don't have too much time today. I love you all so much and am so grateful for the love and examples you are to me! I love you and pray for you always! 

Les Quiero mucho!
Hermana Rowley

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