Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Week 1-MTC


Well what a week it has been! First week here at the MTC and where to begin?! First of all, thank you so much for the letters I received! For those of you who don't know, is a lifesaver!!!! I know I gave out my email but please use instead! I only have 30 min for emailing and don't have a way to print here at the MTC. Thanks so much! 

Saying goodbye was hard but my first day started pretty quick. I was led through all sorts of places to get my name tag (hermana Rowley!:), mission books (by the way, to learn Spanish, they didn't really mention that you need like 20 lbs of extra room in your suitcases for books! I should be fine though:), my new living quarters and then my classroom where I met my companera, Hermana Dunn. Hermana Dunn is 22, a graduate of the nursing program at BYUI, and heading to Buenos Aris Argentina to serve as the mission nurse.  She was really excited because she is the runt of her family at 5'10 and is used to being around tall people:) Funny but I have just realized that her personality and everything is almost identical to my roommate, Michelle at BYUH. She is a super hard worker and is anxious to be obedient and get everything done. I love her and am blessed to have her as my companion. My district consists of 4 hermanas and 4 elders. They are all so fun and the spirit is so strong at our meetings. The elders really keep all of us laughing thank goodness! Elder Tipps is our district leader from Nashville Tennessee and his companion is Elder Simon from Australia. Yeah think of those accents together with hilarious personalities! Elder Hughes is a convert of about 1 year and has read the entire bible more than once and read the book of Mormon in a week! You think he is quiet till you get to know him better...then he says the funniest things! His companion, Elder Lee is from Utah and is just as funny and great as the rest of them. They all have strong testimonies and different backgrounds. Sisters Beckart and Crane are our roommies and are so sweet and fun. Hermana Michelle is a sister that was our roommate until this morning. She is now headed off to her Visitor Center Mission in California. I am really going to miss her cause she has been such a fun spirit to be around! I think she was the only one who really got my humor:) It has been fun having her here since she was doing the same thing I will be doing on my last week. She said that the last week was the most difficult yet most fulfilling of all her time at the MTC. she had tons of classes and got to go to temple square and be a temple square missionary for her official training. So I got that to look forward to! Did I mention I am sooo excited!!!!!

I have seen Rachael (Sis. Williams), along with a million other people I know! Hermana Dunn thinks I know everybody. In fact, right now I am sitting beside Megan Braithwaite and she told me to say hi to you all:).

I love every day here at the MTC! I love the classes with the awesome teachers, the devotionals, the firesides, the choir, Relief Society (we had Sis Burton came to speak to us!!), gym time, P-Days, Temple time, meal time, and ever time in between! Spanish is so hard sometimes but I just keep telling myself not to worry about it. The Spanish will come and then maybe I will be able to say what I need to. I have already taught 3 lessons to our "investigator" (my teacher) totally en Espanol! My grammar is terrible but somehow he understands it. I did make the mistake of saying Te Amo instead of Le Amo to him. (Te Amo is something someone says to someone really close, like a family member). He just laughed a bit and then said something later. Another time he was trying to explain what happened between he and his wife and I couldn't understand so we just said "no entiendo" he kept repeating it till he finally said what he was trying to say ("ERRORR") in a really bad english accent. haha, and he wasn't supposed to be able to understand or speak any English


People have said that angels walk the halls of the MTC and I truly believe it! The spirit is so strong and the missionaries are so amazing. It's also fun cause these angels happen to speak tons of different languages and will shout random things at you that you cant understand:) I suppose I am becoming one of those:)

I absolutely LOVE the music here! I love hearing all the hymns the missionaries sing before and during each meeting. It brings the spirit so much. I am going to get some music from the music library soon to audition to do a musical number with an elder in my zone who has a really amazing voice. Wish me luck on that:)

Well my time is almost up so I need to be going. I love you all so much and can really feel your prayers! I have grown so much in the past week and as hard as it is, I will make it through this stronger and happier than I ever have before! Te Amo!

Hermana Rowley


PS. Mom, hermana Dunn's old bishop and his wife were here and took a pic of us by the map and are supposed to send it to you so I hope that gets there. I wanted you to use that pic from a few years ago with the pink shirt or I guess if you want the one on the wall would be fine. whatever you think is best. My two fav. scripts right now are Matthew 10:39 and Ester 4:14 (starting with "Who knoweth..."). If you can use both. if not, you just pick the one you think is best for me:) I love you so much! plus, if you want to send me some more stamps I would not object:)

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