Monday, March 24, 2014

Week 75-Transfer 11


Another full week here in paradise:) It has been pretty busy with a ton of miracles. I also have had both of my "exit interviews" from both my VC director and President Warner. So weird. I honestly though don't feel "trunky" at all. If anything, I feel I need to work harder than ever because this time won't come back. This is the best time to turn weaknesses into strengths and become who the Lord wants me to become and I only have a short time to make the most of that! I still feel like I’m so far from where I should be. That really makes me ever so much more grateful for the Atonement! 

Sister Yoo and I have been working so hard on finding new investigators who are ready to hear our message and finding the concerns and needs of the ones we have so we can help them progress. Jordan is still so unsure. He is so sincere every time we talk with him, but it is so difficult to find a time to meet with him with his school and work and everything and he doesn't always keep the commitments we leave with him because he gets too busy. We just found out Maria was playing the game called, tell the sisters you want to be baptized and set up appointments then don't show up. I don't like that game very much. Abby is doing so well though. She is really turning to God through her trial after tearing her ACL and her heart really seems to be softened. Jiashan got really sick this week so we couldn't meet with her but we stopped by and we also talked to Jenny about talking to her about her baptism. She said they used to have a "non-member" club with her Jiashan and another kid and now she got baptized and she is scared to talk to Jiashan about it:) She promised she would though and hopefully she can join in on the lessons as well! That will be so awesome! Tiffany has been out of town but is still praying and reading and says she feels peace about her search right now. When she does get baptized I think it will be in Utah so that her family can be there. I will be there too! 

Speaking of baptisms in Utah, I don't remember if I told you about Sarah, a girl who called in saying she was going to BYU Provo and wanted to meet the missionaries and be baptized. Well, she is baptized now! She was pretty excited and when I asked what her favorite part about her baptism was she said that it was the knowledge that she was doing the right thing, what Heavenly Father wanted her to do and also the support she received from her mom, which she wasn't expecting. I'm excited to meet her in real life:) 

Also, remember Kat? The 17 year old we were teaching when I was an online sister who wanted to be baptized so bad but her parents wouldn't let her? Well she turns 18 on April 17th and will be baptized two days later!!!!! Unfortunately it will be in Texas and not in Provo but she is hoping to go to BYU still so I'll get to meet her there! The joys of teaching people all over the world! 

One really cool miracle that happened in the VC this week was this Sunday. We usually just get a bunch of members come in on Sunday who want to hang out or watch a movie. Yesterday though we got over 500 people come through and a lot of them were non-members! We took one tour in particular from the Philippines. There were about 6 or 7 of them that came in and we talked to them for a second and got to know them and talked about their belief in Jesus Christ and then sat them down and played the Christus narration for them. Most people just say "it was nice" or something like that, but when we asked what they thought they said "it was awakening." We went off of that and asked a few more questions and bore our testimonies of how much Jesus Christ loves and knows them personally and how we need to develop that relationship with him. We then just gave them the guest cards and told them if they left their information we could keep in touch with them. We got 6 cards back with information!!!!! That was pretty unexpected but so neat! I love the spirit in the Visitor's Center! 

I love you all sooooo much and am excited to hug you all soon! Don't worry though, I am working hard and enjoying every last minute of being here as a missionary! There is no better time and no better work! I love you all and pray for you ALWAYS! 

Les Quiero Muchisimo!
Hermana Rowley

PS. mom, I'm not sure how much I have in my account right now and also, if you or anyone have any requests about something you would like from Hawaii...stickers, earrings, cool sandals that are super comfy and only available here:), T-shirts, etc. let me know. I go the the Swap Meet next week Wed so let me know on Mon and all get them for ya:) Love you tons!!!!!! 

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