Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Week 16-Transfer 1

Crazy about the inversion there! I get to here the weather report in Utah practically every day since there are so many Utah people who come in to the VC. The weather has been pretty crazy here too! Yesterday we had so much rain that Laie flooded! We were on the tram tour and we weren't able to keep going since the flood was so bad and the roads were closed down. I think it was the worst at the PCC and the school. I wish I had my camera at the time but Sis. Gulla took some pics that she said she would put on the comp. so Ill have to try and post them later. It was crazy though! People were walking in water up to their thighs in some parts. The funniest thing was that the smoking area at the PCC disappeared:) the bench and sign were completely covered by muddy water! Rain just has a different meaning to me now:)

So Brandon is now a Mormon! I can't tell you how amazing that experience was! He literally invited everyone he talked to to the baptism. He thinks its the coolest thing that everyone is so excited and happy for him. He asked Hermana and I to give talks so I gave one on baptism. The spirit was so strong! Especially after the baptism when he got up and bore his testimony. He has such a strong and powerful testimony! So one of the things that he had really wanted was for someone to sing Amazing Grace as a musical number but unfortunately the people we had asked to do it weren't able to. I felt really bad cause I knew how much he had wanted that song. So I don't know what possessed me, but I talked to Justin (the one conducting) and told him that if Brandon wanted I could sing the first verse since that was all I knew. Well apparently Brandon wanted that so after his testimony I got up and explained what I was doing and then sang Amazing Grace A Capella! I told him it wasn't fair cause he made me cry right before cause of his testimony. I wondered if it was awkward that I did that but he later told me that his favorite part of his baptism was me singing Amazing Grace. He said that he had never felt the spirit so strong and that he was bawling the whole time. I am just so glad the spirit was there so strong!

I was kinda sad that Angie (our new investigator) wasn't able to make it to Brandon's baptism. The good news though is that Angie is getting baptized this Saturday! She is the one that her fiance called us saying that his girlfriend wanted to be baptized. So we started meeting with them right away and going over the lessons. She is another solid one with a strong testimony already. She is from Columbia and is very surprised but grateful in how supportive her family is with her decision. Her and her fiance are getting married on the beach 2 weeks after her baptism and even though they will both be graduated they say that they feel good about staying in Hawaii and accepting a job offer here so they will probably be sealed in this temple! That means I will get to go! They are so fun and cute together and so excited for the baptism this week!

We also got another new investigator. Although this one is a bit different. Her name is Franchesca and we found her through our ward mission leader who gave her a BOM and set up an appt with us for last night. She is from Peru and likes to talk....a lot... Hermana said she was just thinking oh my poor companion. I only got bits and pieces but we were able to teach her the restoration and she wants us to come back and teach her more, but at the same time she believes that her church has the only true version of the bible so she doesn't see the need for a BOM. She is super nice and friendly though and it was interesting to have another lesson in Spanish:)

I'm so glad Alexa enjoyed my card. I only wish I could do more. I only took two bottles of Digestives. I'm ok on Flora though. I can't really think of anything else I really need except for the little Spanish hymnbook. I really miss having one. Of course I love getting pictures and if you happen to have any treats...haha:) I do love packages but I promise I have no devious plan:) The straightener I think will be just fine. It has a five year manufacture warranty so we shall see:).

Being here on the mission can be so stressful at times and there are down days, but they really don't last for long because I have never felt more blessed and I as well try to count my blessings every day! Having you as a family and seeing your strength through this trial is really one of the greatest blessings! Alexa, it is a blessing for me to have you for a sister! I love you so much!

I have some recordings that I am going to try and send to you. Let me know if they work.

Les Amo!!!!!!

Hermana Rowley (Shayla)

The red dress is called a Pulatasi (Sp?) and Sis. Lillywhite made them for us. We just bought the fabric and she did the rest! so cool!
Brandon's Baptism

This is driving to BYUH

The garbage can used to be the no smoking area:)

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