Thursday, April 4, 2013

Week 24-Transfer 3

Aloha familia:)
Another great week online. Well, except for the fact that my companion has been kinda sick all week so I spent half of it sitting in our apartment cleaning, studying etc. Funny the things you come up with when you don't have TV or anything:) She is still sick on and off but we try to come in to our shift and chat time as much as we can. It has certainly given me extra language study time. I am into Alma now in my Spanish Book of Mormon. I still don't understand everything but I do usually understand what is going on now. I have been getting a lot of chats in Spanish! I sometimes use google translate when I write back long things just because it includes accents and everything and the people on the other side don't get frustrated with my slowness:) I do understand more and more though and it is really helping me to improve. 

So the coolest thing happened on chat this week! Spanish chat mind you:) So we were on chat and this guy named Alan comes up and wants to know how to be baptized! At first he was really persnickety about wanting to speak to someone who spoke better Spanish but somehow my companion convinced him I was someone completely different who spoke better Spanish and then he refused to talk to anyone but me after that...haha oh well. So we talk for a while and I explained that we would love to teach him more and also send the missionaries in Argentina to his home to teach him more. He said that was good but then only would give us his phone number and then the chat disconnected. We were kinda disappointed cause I wasn't about to call him and let him know that I wasn't really that good at Spanish! We were talking about just calling Argentina and giving them the number when, the next day, he showed up on chat again! We talked some more and started talking about what got him interested and such. He said he used to have a friend who was a member and he really wants to look into it. We talked about baptism and, well, I ended up committing him to be baptized on April 13th! He said "debo ser bautizado." He also committed to go to church on Sunday. So he told us where he knew the nearest church building was and said he wants the missionaries to call him before coming over. Well, we looked up the address and it happens to be in the Buenos Aries North Mission area! That is the same area that Hermana Dunn, my companion in the MTC, is serving in! So I emailed Hermana Dunn and told her about the referral and she emailed back and said she lives right next to the address he gave and that she would definitely call him! Talk about cool! So he is in her Zone but if he is in her area then that would mean that we have the same investigator, from across the ocean:)! Oh the tender mercies of the Lord and the Joy of being in the Visitor Center:) 

Being online we are constantly getting chats the whole time we are logged in. It has been so fun talking to people all over the world and being able to discern their needs. My companion has been such a help with that too. I know I am where the Lord wants me to be right now. I'm so glad dad liked the card! Thank you for making my day with those pictures! That was hilarious. I will still be here in Hawaii for another one of His BDays and for Christmas so maybe ill get him a real shirt next time;) I'm glad "Cristy":) was able to email you. That reminds me, we just got news this week that we can email our friends! So let everyone know to feel free to send me an email since no one really wants to write. It takes me so long to write this letter that I don't know how much time I will have to write back to everyone but I will try to send a little message;) I'm so glad you got to see that CES fireside! It really was perfect for us! Elder Bednar is so inspired.

So I saw Brandon yesterday and he said "hey Sis. Rowley, I bought you a muffin but then I ate it..." haha, anyways, it was so good to talk to him again. He is so excited to be getting his Patriarchal Blessing on Easter Sunday! He is doing so good and still learning so much. I also got in touch with Francheska over the phone yesterday. She thought it was so amazing that I was calling from the Hawaii Visitor Center:) She is doing so good still. Chris is now being taught by the awesome Zone leaders in his area so I no longer get to teach him face to face, although we pretty much taught him all the lessons anyways. I sure do hope I am able to get special permission to go to his baptism. 

I am still praying for you daily and my sweet companion mentions Alexa in every single one of her prayers, personal, companion, meal, etc. The Lord is definitely on our side. I love you all so much and will be thinking alot about you over Easter and General Conference. I sure am going to miss Ladies night but I guess I get that every night with all these sisters here:) I love you all so much!

Les Quiero!
Hermana Rowley (Shayla)

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