Thursday, April 4, 2013

Week 25-Transfer 3

Aloha y hola familia and Happy belated Easter!!!!!!:)
I just love you all so much, thought you should know that:) Thanks so
much for the package mom! I sure did share:)! Those cookies were the
best idea yet! Some of the sisters here had never even heard of
no-bake cookies! Sooo good! I'm excited to get the pictures:) I really
need pics of Tiffany and Tonya with their lil bumps;) So glad you had
the chance to go to Arizona for Easter. So many good memories there.
For Easter mi companera had a ton of candy from her mom to give us
since I guess she has a reputation of going all out for the holidays:)
So we split all we had in bags and hid them around the house. Our
Easter bunny was a little tall this year so some people had to use
chairs to find theirs;) but it was fun.

The work here is going great! We continue to see miracles every day.
We added it all up yesterday and we realized that we now have 24
people we are teaching and keeping track of online! Crazy huh! Each
day we find more whether it be from the Visitor Center or Chat. One
kid came on, Joe, who told us that he had been looking on
on and off and he really wants to learn more. He said that he just
turned 18 and although he knows his parents would not approve, he
feels like he should choose his own path. So we shared some more with
him and answered some questions that he had and then got his
information to refer him to his local missionaries. When we entered
his info, we discovered that he had referred himself back in September
and the missionaries still had not gotten a hold of him. He said they
tried calling the number but he had made the mistake of giving them
his mom's cell number and she was not very happy about it. So we
changed the number and escalated the referral once again. He then said
he had a friend who was Mormon who invited him to church and asked us
if he should go and we told him YES!:) We are still waiting for the
missionaries to contact him...But...we are keeping in touch and he
emailed us last night with some great news! He said: "Hey guys!!! I
watched the video last night. Very powerful and thought-provoking. I
also visited my friend's church today for a sacrament meeting, Sunday
school, and young men's meeting. Everyone was super nice!...The young
men's group talked with me for a long time and asked if I had any
questions. They all go to my school too, which is pretty cool. I
received a Book of Mormon and will begin reading it very soon! Thanks
so much for everything! Joe"

Yay!!!!!! We were so excited! I sure hope the missionaries get to this
kid soon! I love watching all these people find the gospel and see how
it changes their lives! On that note, good news about Chris! His
baptism date is rescheduled for this Saturday! The awesome zone
leaders in his area finally picked up the teaching and he has been
going to church and is going to be baptized! I am so excited! I have
asked Pres. Dalton for special permission to attend his baptism since
he is technically still our investigator even though he is in not in
our local area. He said he would think about it so we will see what

I love you all so much! I am learning so much this transfer, more
about myself and more about missionary work. Sis. Mckeever always goes
all out to work hard and obey with exactness. I really have seen the
blessings that come from that. I am so excited for General Conference!
We get to watch it here in the Visitor Center. Oh the blessings of
being in Laie when most of the town will be watching Conference:). I
love this work and I love how much I am learning. I miss you all and
pray for you always.

Les amo mucho!
Hermana Rowley (Shayla)

So I forgot to tell you about this really cool lady who came into the
VC this week. Her and her husband were from Mexico originally but now
they live in Texas. When they first walked in to the VC from the tram
tour, they literally had to stop and she almost started crying cause
they were so impacted by the spirit. I was able to talk about how we
have the statue of Jesus Christ there to remind us that He is the
center of everything we do. We then took them back and I got to
explain the Book of Mormon in Spanish. They LOVED it and when I bore
my testimony about it they both said Amen before I even had a chance
to:) They then gave us their information so that we could send the
missionaries over and we could keep in contact with them. I gave her a
pamphlet on the Restoration and we took them out to the tram. (they
were the only tram guests on this tram). We were able to talk about it
some more on the way back and the wife started crying saying how
peaceful and good she felt. She said that earlier she was angry at her
husband because of something silly in the PCC but now that was all
gone. They both agreed that that wasn't important, she then held up
the restoration pamphlet and said, "this, this is important". Her
husband said how there was something different about our faces, how we
had Christ in our faces, and she said "Your eyes, there is something
different in your eyes" we told her it was because of what we knew and
she said "oh yes, I know it is!"
Well that was just a really special experience for me that I wanted to
share with you. It really helped strengthen my testimony once again
about how real this work is.  I love you so much!
Hermana Rowley (Shayla)
PDay at PCC

Happy Easter!

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